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10 Types Of Vegetable Protein Food Source Best

Protein is one of the important parts when you run programs other than fat and carbohydrate diet. The highest protein source is derived from animal protein. In the animal protein deposits may be complete, includes all proteins derived from vegetable protein. The content of amino acids contained in animal protein is able to maintain a healthy body properly.

Do not worry because they do not get a good protein source. We can obtain a good and complete protein from foods containing vegetable protein. Which combine some of the foods that we consume of nuts and seeds.

For those of you who have chosen to become a vegetarian, would not have difficulty in finding sources of food derived from vegetable protein. According to some studies in the Journal of the American Medical Association says that for the vegetarians will have a chance to live longer than people who eat meat.

Here are 10 kinds of food sources of vegetable protein is best for you:

1. Peas
Food was still part of the legume family has a high protein content. Every 100 grams of boiled peas have a protein content of 8 grams. Legumes also have a high amino acid content of 102. This is what makes the peas into a special food because it contains complete protein and good in consumption in our daily protein needs.

2. Beans
In Indonesia red beans generally consumed when it was really mature in the form of dried beans. The content of the nutrients found in red beans, among others, are rich in folic acid, calcium, fiber, complex carbohydrates, and protein that is high enough. Vegetable protein contained within red beans supply high amounts of protein. Although it contains a high vegetable protein, but red beans do not contain the essential asmino acids such as those found in animal protein. However, the lack of it can be met if you combine beans with grains so that the amino acid requirements can be fulfilled.

3. Wheat
Wheat is a plant that is still part of the family serealis or grains. There are carbohydrate, minerals, protein, and vitamins in wheat. Besides contain carbohydrates and nutrients, wheat is also very beneficial for health.
Wheat can prevent a variety of chronic diseases such as coronary heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension. Besides wheat can also control cholesterol levels in the body. To gain the maximum benefit means grain storage and processing should also be noted that the nutritional content is not lost.

4. Soybeans
Soybean is a protein source that is high enough. Inside there is a half cup contains 10 grams of soy protein. Soy can be processed into various foods such as tempeh, yogurt, tofu, and soy milk are rich in nutrients.
Other substances contained in soybean, among others, can help the digestive process. For the vegetarian high protein content can replace protein from animal protein. The benefits of soy may help the formation of cells in the body.

5. Quinoa
Quinoa belongs to the family of grains. Grains are often found Andean region, South America and some regions in Spain. Quinoa has a high protein content and contains carbohydrates with a low fat content.
Not only have the high fiber content, quinoa also contains nutrients including folic acid, vitamin B6 and vitamin E. Quinoa will abundant essential amino acid content highly for for health. In the presentation quinoa can also be added as a salad ingredient.

6. Almonds
Almonds are classified superfood meal. In almonds are a source of essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Almonds can be used as an additional ingredient for salad.
Almonds also contain Extra vitamin E, vitamin B complex and omega-3. Consuming almonds every day with a handful portion would provide high protein intake. Another benefit of almonds can lower cholesterol, skin health, and brain development.

7. Mushrooms
The fungus can be encountered in the environment around us. With good taste and unique people who love it. Mushrooms for health benefits, among others, can protect the body from various diseases and infections. The content contained in mushrooms include a high protein, minerals, vitamins, amino acids and natural antibiotics.
Fungi present in the environment around us has a wide range of colors, including texture, and shape properties. Mushrooms are suitable for consumption in Indonesia, among others button mushrooms, mushroom, mushroom, oyster mushroom etc. Not all mushrooms can be consumed. At a certain type of fungus actually contain toxic substances

8. Cauliflower
Cauliflower is a source of protein with no saturated fat content is low and omega-3 essential fats that are beneficial for the body. kembal cabbage also contains fiber and contain natural gulami low.

Benefits of cauliflower among other things to prevent diabetes, obesity and hypertension. The substances are antioxidants in cauliflower may help the immune system.

9. Tofu
Tofu is produced from soy beans. Tofu is also a good intake for consumption, rich in nutrients and has a vegetable protein which has the most complete amino acid composition.

Nutrient content contained in know it is less than the nutrients obtained from animal protein. With the low price, know to be an alternative to obtain a replacement for animal protein nutrition.

10. Soymilk
Soy milk is processed milk is the main ingredient derived from soya. Although soy milk is not as popular as cow's milk but the content of the soy milk is rich in nutrients. According to some research done by experts, soy milk contains nutrients that go beyond the cow's milk.

Soy milk contains isoflavones, which isoflavones are a number of amino acids with vitamins and nutrients that make up some flavonoids. These flavonoids are able to prevent and treat various diseases. Among the functions isoflavones may lower blood cholesterol levels, expedite metabolism, stabilize blood, etc.

Well, so some reviews about 10 kinds of food sources of vegetable protein which can cara-fitnesku.blogspot.co.id for for readers. For you vegetarians and dieters, try the vegetable protein source as above no harm. Although it is derived from plants, but protein and nutrients are not lost from food sources derived from animal protein.

Hopefully useful ...

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